Prayer Breakfasts

Three times a year on Saturday morning, the men of the church gather in the Fellowship Hall for a hearty breakfast and a dedicated time of prayer. There is often a guest speaker as well to challenge the men to walk more closely with the Lord.

Weekly Men's Prayer Meeting

Every Sunday at 9:00 AM, the men of the church are invited to pray together. They pray for the services as well as personal needs of each man present. It is a wonderful time of encouragement and prayer.

Men's Steak Out

Come for steak, potatoes, and warm-from-the-oven rolls! This annual event is always a delight for the men of the church. You won't want to miss it. The steaks are thick and juicy. The potatoes are huge and ready to be smothered in toppings. The bread is warm and delicious. You won't find a green vegetable in sight at this manly event.

After the meal, God's Word is opened by a guest speaker to address challenges men face.

Hiking Trip

Occasionally, the men of the church hike up Old Rag Mountain in Virginia. This challenging hike is a lot of fun and offers a great time of fellowship too.