From Pastor Bill Schneider

Pastor Bill Schneider and His Family

On behalf of the whole congregation, I invite you to visit with us soon. You will find warm, friendly people who are excited about what God is doing here. Our people come from all over the world, but we are united in our desire for God to do a great work through us in reaching our community and our world. We are named Fellowship Baptist Church for a reason: we are not just people attending church; there is a real fellowship here.

We are very honored to have a large number of military families in our church. If you are currently serving in the military, we greatly appreciate your service. Even though you are probably only going to be in the area for a short time, we would love to have you join us as we serve the Lord together.

Personally, I take Paul's charge to Timothy, "preach the word," very seriously. The Bible has the answer for all of life's problems. My goal is to preach, "thus saith the Lord," not "this is what I think." The Bible is the final authority for life. Together, we find in God's Word His will for every area of our lives.

I hope you will join us soon. You will be warmly welcomed and will hear a Bible message applicable to your life. Perhaps God will lead you too to become a part of our Fellowship.

Mission Statement

Fellowship Baptist Church has a four-part mission, and it is clear. Every person can easily figure out where they are in the process of "Knowing, Loving, Growing, and Serving."

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