We have a great discipleship program for every Christian desiring to deepen their faith and gain foundational insights into the Bible. The program is designed for one-on-one discipleship which allows each person to go at their own pace and ask as many questions as they would like along the way. If you want to get plugged into discipleship, contact the church office or see one of the pastors.

Couples Retreat

Every year in February, the couples of the church head to a romantic destination to spend time together and with the Lord. A guest speaker brings encouragement from the Word during engaging sessions on Saturday. On Friday night, there is a candlelight dinner, variety show, and humorous game show.

Sunday School

We have a number of classes designed for adults of all ages. Explore the class descriptions below to find a class that suits your needs. Each teacher genuinely cares for the members of the class and works to enrich the lives of every student through sound, biblical teaching from God's Word.

Teacher: Gary Smith  
Downstairs Room R10

For Single Young Adults, Crossroads is a place where you can find a place to belong. Being a young adult in today’s ever-changing world is not easy, but with Christ and a support system of other believers your age, you can enjoy the journey through life like you never thought possible.

The Crossroads class is a place where you can be real and ask the hard questions about life and your relationship with God. It’s more than just a Sunday School class, it’s a tight-knit group of people just like you getting together each week to study God’s Word and enjoying time together outside of class at activities designed with you in mind.

Get plugged into Crossroads now, and watch your faith grow.

Teacher: Christopher Apperson
Foyer Classroom

For Young Married Couples, the Foundations class is designed to assist young married couples and couples with young children through the foundational period in their marriages. In addition to studying God’s word each week during the Sunday School hour, we gather for activities outside of class to strengthen our relationships with each other and encourage each other in our walk with God.

Teacher: Andrew Buckingham
Downstairs Room 16

For Adults Up to Age 45, the Cornerstone class is geared towards married couples, however, we welcome anyone who wants to join us!  Building on solid biblical foundations, we challenge the current world view approach to solidify our position on why we believe what we believe. With this knowledge we are better equipped to answer the challenging questions our friends and co-workers ask us on a daily basis allowing us opportunities to share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our class is taught in a discussion type setting where everyone is encouraged to share their personal experiences.  We learn from each other, and in doing so, we help “sharpen” each other, while building deep and lasting relationships with others.

Teacher: Tom George
Downstairs Multi-Purpose Room

For Adults Ages 45-60. As we go through the Bible, we do a line by line study to find the strict interpretation and at the same time the principles, and practical application in God’s Word. (How the Word applies to me.) We have open discussion and promote class participation. Please join us for a great time in God’s Word.

Teacher: Bob Best
Upstairs Foyer Classroom

For Adults Over Age 60, the Pillars class is made up of senior and not so senior adults who are young at heart, love the Word of God, and are serious about its study. We have been studying through “Living Beyond Your Capacity,” a series on living a life empowered by the Holy Spirit.  Come and join us as we explore the Word of God and the spiritual truths and principles of Christian living that are contained therein.

Teachers: Susan Behm & Debbi Lawson
Upstairs Foyer Classroom

For Women of All Ages, Our studies include topical studies, the life and ministry of Christ, as well as looking at the examples of women in the Bible.  Though our topics may vary, one thing is constant, and that is to focus on what God's Word says, how it applies to our lives, and how we can be better women for God.