The Hospitality Committee is a team of ladies and men of many ages that all work together to serve the Lord in the kitchen at Fellowship Baptist Church (FBC).

We are responsible for planning and executing all food events at the church. These events include Appreciation Fellowships, Cookie Fellowships, Farewell Fellowships, Father’s Day Banquets, FBC Anniversary’s, Funeral Repasts, Harvest Dessert Fellowships, Ice Cream Socials, Mother’s Day Banquets, Picnics, Pot Faith Dinners, Special Themed Fellowships and more!

While the church family provides great dishes for our fellowships and pot faith meals, we do all our own cooking for banquets and dinners. If you love to cook and serve with a joyful heart, then you will enjoy working on this committee!

We have a great time of fun and fellowship with each other and find that serving on this committee is a great way to get to know many people in the church.