Get Involved

Church is much more than a spectator event. It is a group of believers meeting together, caring for each other, and serving the Lord together. We believe every Christian should be a member of a church, and that each member should find a place to serve in the church using the gifts and passions God has provided.

If you are ready to jump in and find God's place for you here, these are the steps we recommend:

Become a Member

Becoming a member of our church is easy. Come to the front of the auditorium after any of our Sunday services during the invitation (the song immediately after the message) and let one of our men know you want to be a member of Fellowship Baptist Church.

Find Your Spiritual Gift

When you come forward to become a member, we will give you a spiritual gifts inventory to discover your unique mix of spiritual gifts and passions given to you by God for use in the church. This will help guide you to the ministry that will be most fulfilling to you and allow you to be the greatest blessing to those around you.

Find Your Ministry

With your spiritual gifts and passions identified, it's time to plug in to the ministry that needs your gifts. Contact the church office or any of our Pastors to tell them you are ready to serve!